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M10 - 48hours later...

48 hours after taking delivery of a Leica M10  (thanks CameraWest for allowing me to be the 1st once again), I wanted to give some feedback on what's it been like without sounding like a Leica fanboy.

Is it slimmer?  YES.  Holding it gives the Leica film body sensation.

Easier to look out of?  YES.  The new 0.72 finder is wonderful.

Lighter?  YES.  Feels close to the M262.

Better menu?  YES.  More like the Q and SL in terms of appearance and function.

Better with less buttons?  YES and NO.  Never had a problem with the buttons before but the less buttons seems ok.

High ISO?  HELL YES !!!  Finally, the image above isn't anything special except it was shot at ISO 10,000.  NO previous M can do this.

Detail retention?  YES.  I loaned my new camera to a few of my colleagues and some of the shots were well under exposed.  I pushed the file 2, 3 and 4 stops.  Not only was the subject looking good, there wasn't any banding or color issues.  Just looked liked a properly exposed shot.

New sensor and processor better?  Oh YES.  Colors, white balance, noise reduction, etc... all was dramatically improved.

So far this new M10 is living up to what I wanted in a Leica digital rangefinder.  The high ISO is an important thing for me and all the previous M's (except for the Monochrom) fell short of what I wanted.

The M10 just feels good in the hand.  Just like holding my M3 or MP film Leica's.  Going to do some black and white shots with the new M10.  If things work out... who knows, my previous stance that the Monochrom goes no where might be moving on to help fund perhaps another M10.

I have NO regrets for selling off nearly my entire Nikon digital set-up.

Love of Leica...

While I was being photographed (now I know how my models feel)  today for a future promotional spot for Samy's Camera, this customer came up to us and started a conversation about Leica.

He's a long time Leica shooter and to prove it, he has a Leica M6 tatoo on his arm.  Talk about real dedication and love of the brand !!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


As much as I love the look of the classic Leica rangefiners, Canon FTb, Nikon F cameras... there is just something about the Polaroid SX-70.

I only wished that The Impossible Project can somehow get together with FujiFilm and work out some sort of agreement to get the formulation that Fuji knows how to do and create a good integral pack film.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


No computers back then.  Can you imagine all the math required to create this engineering marvel?

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Leica is hip...

After many decades of cameras, the Leica rangefinder is still one sexy camera !

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Might as well...

... if you got an ugly entrance and garage door in an alley, make it beautiful.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Old Watch Maker...

Remember those images of the old guy with specks tinkering with a watch or gadget?  Looks like father time has caught up to me.

(Leica M7, Tri-X 400)

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Passing on the joy of using a Leica rangefinder camera to the next generation.

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