Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super sized...

Had a bit of time this morning to do some Street Photography... actually, NEEDED to do some photography today.  

Ran into this Super Sized video display that looks like a vending machine.  
Played with it a bit, saw some interesting things about British Columbia, Canada.  
At the end... out came a gift.  
An Addidas Golf Glove - super cool I thought.

  I then noticed a photographer taking pics of me using the machine and then a video crew around me.  I was interviewed for about 5 minutes and then had to sign the standard release documents.  
Looks like the 15 seconds of fame is going to grow.

Do yourself a favor - venture over to Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco.  
If the machine is still there... you too may get some super cool prize!

Nikon D800 // Carl Zeiss 50mm Makro-Planar T // 1/160s // f/11 // ISO 500

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