Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Books and a Rant...

Technology is wonderful.  A whole world of knowledge is available at your fingertips.
Hell, I love the amazing things technology can do.

However, there's nothing more satsifying than getting information from a book.

We have too many people caught up in the technological gee-wiz and are quickly becoming slaves and idiots to machines.  Anyone remember how to use a card catalog in a library?

For the younger viewers.... a card catalog is like a search function on the web.  It's used to find information in a library.  A library is a building that housed books and other....

Do yourself and your kids a favor.  Take that stupid electronic device away from them once in a while and teach them to use their brain.  You can teach a Monkey or Pavlov's Dog how to interact with a machine.  Being good at using a machine is NO indication of inteligence.

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