Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dynamic Range and Technology...

Earlier in the week, I posted this same shot using the Polaroid 195 with the Fuji FP-3000b film.  This photo is shot with the Olympus OMD E-M5 w/ 20mm Lumix f/1.7 lens.

This image is far superior from the standpoint of the dynamic range of the shades of black and white when compared to the Polaroid.  Add to the fact that even using full manual controls on the Olympus took about 15 to 30 seconds to compose and shoot compared to about 10 minutes of spot meter readings, brain thinking (using Ansel Adams Zone system) , filter and camera adjustments, film development time.... modern technology is just a wonder.

However, the amount of human enjoyment of having to put all the effort to get the Polaroid to work is something technology can't offer.

So ends today's techie geek stuff rant.

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