Saturday, July 5, 2014

Leica T

Special thanks to the people at CameraWest-Walnut Creek, Leica San Francisco and Leica Northern California for getting this camera into my hands just in time for a special day!

Please excuse the Voigtlander optical viewfinder.  The Leica Visoflex is on it's way.

This is not your typical review about the product.  You can find many articles on the web.

This post is more about a journey and coming back to Leica.
You may have read the articles I wrote on Steve Huff's or Eric Kim's site about migrating to a Leica M rangefinder years ago.

Truth be told, I have been away from Leica for almost two years. 

I've been shooting many different cameras and formats lately.  My acquisition of the Carl Zeiss Otus lens changed things for me once again.  The Otus is an OUTSTANDING lens.  Yet when attached to a DSLR,... the package is big and very heavy.

I found myself wanting similar or close to Otus like results from a smaller package.  This desire drove me back to Leica.  Leica glass is still class leading.  Period.  End of Story.  Images that come from a Leica is just very special.   A combination of depth, color, sharpness, etc... that no one except for Zeiss Otus have come to.

What started me on Leica years ago was the humble X1.  From there the migration to the M's and virtually every Leica lens came to be.

This go around, it started with the X Vario.  
However, it only took 5 days before I knew I needed a removable lens solution.  It was either going to be the new M type 240 or an Monochrom.  The internal debate began on deciding what to do and how my bank account was going to absorb this when a good friend at Leica told me that the new Black Leica T's have arrived.  I asked, "how does it look", since I've already played with the new Leica T on and off for over a month.

The reply was, "damn sexy".  That was it.  Wheels in motion and the great people at CameraWest and Leica San Francisco got one for me.

It's only been about 24 hours since I fired up the Leica T.  Looked at all the YouTube videos and read all I can on the Leica T.  Also rejoined all the Leica forums on the web.  The verdict... How could I have ever left Leica in the first place.

Only boring test shots around the house so far.  Results.... WOW.

I'm now contemplating which lenses and which Leica to get next.

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in".

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