Saturday, August 29, 2015

Just AMAZING !!!

Nikon P900 is currently the Super Zoom Compact camera on the market.
It's designed primarily towards the consumer market for someone who wants an all in one package and who may want a 5x7 or possibly a 8.5x11 print.

Here's a sample...

Outside my garage.  24mm.  See the hill in the horizon?

Optically zoomed in at around 600mm.  Not bad huh.  Considering how much it would cost to get a 600mm lens.  Quality not bad.  No post processing except for white balance.

 Now take a look when it's zoomed in at over 2000mm.

You can see a guy with glasses on, The girl looking back.  The guy with a jacket and what appears to be the seal of the President of the US.

Considering that this camera only costs $600.  It's damn good !!

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