Thursday, December 10, 2015

The winner is for Best Camera Bag....

Talk to any photographer and you will quickly find that we have an inventory of camera bags of all shapes, sizes, colors, materials, etc...

Don't laugh but at last count I have at least 24... YES 24 different camera bags!

I've finally come down to what I consider the BEST of THE BEST.

My criteria for a bag are as follows:

1.  It can't look like a camera bag.
2.  It can't look like it's worth money (unfortunately too many bad people out there)
3.  It must hold everything I need (and more) = tons of pockets
4.  Must be somewhat slim and form fitting in order to navigate through traffic.
5.  Must be built tough.
6.  Must be comfortable.

THE WINNER IS THE - DOMKE J-803  (the F-803 is similar except it has not as many pockets.)

Bag 101:
Most people don't think about it and I only learned about this from a scientist at the Exploratorium years ago.... straps and weight distribution are really important.

Ever noticed how the exact same stuff put into different bags seem to weigh differently? 
Reason for this is how the weight is distributed.

The Domke J-803 has the shoulder strap goes completely around the bag (from top to bottom).  It's a continuous run of strap.  The advantage, the weight on the strap is from the bottom of the bag and NOT at the sides (like 90% of all bags out there).

A seemingly simple process that pays dividends to your body.

The bag isn't "frumpy" and "bulky".  It holds it's shape and looks like a slim messenger bag with pockets.  It doesn't scream, "look at me, I am made of exotic materials, steal me"

I've tried all sorts of bag designs and materials.  I keep coming back to the Domke J-803 because it just plain works for me.

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