Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today the world has one less soul that impacted the lives of others.  Jim Kardos was a talented bird photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The distinctive and gruffly voice who was not afraid to speak his mind was part of a unique periodic gathering of people at Walnut Creek's CameraWest.

There were times where the straight shooting and crusty method of his personality rubbed those around the wrong way... but at the end, all of us understood his personality and that deep down this was a man of good character.

Although we have not seen Jim for many weeks as he battled that dreaded cancer and that last reports to the gang was that the end was near, I personally take solace that he is now at peace.  Have left behind a collection of images that will live for years to come and that right now he is probably having a pointed conversation with St.Peter or God directly.

You will be missed my friend.

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