Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On a Serious Note...

This blog has tried to bring you various themes on street photography from my perspective to which I can only hope you have enjoyed.

Recently I was told by someone very dear to me that she now has to face what so many people seem to be facing nowadays..... cancer.  Having already seen what this dreaded illness can do and now be told that once again it has reared it's ugly head, makes you stop and think about life.

I ask that all of you take the time to smell the roses because before you know it, tomorrow is already here.  That old saying about living each day as if it were your last day is very true.  Take care of yourself and those around you.  Life is precious and try not to put yourself into a position of saying the "woulda, shoulda, coulda"  I guarantee that you will kick yourself if you allow it to happen.

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