Sunday, September 25, 2011

Variants on a theme...

This photo is of a modern update on the old San Francisco Federal Reserve building.  A building that once housed billions of dollars in currency and gold.  Variants on a theme of how old and new have been combined.

However this blog posting has to do with another topic that this photo seems to fit.
Recently I rediscovered a movie that I saw back in the 80's.  The film... THE VERDICT staring Paul Newman, James Mason and Jack Warden.  Besides being a good film with outstanding actors, I want to bring to everyone's attention the photography that was utilized.

As you know, Street Photography is a passion.  Although it is a Hollywood film with every scene carefully scripted and captured, there was a lot of photographic techniques used that is hard to see today.
Today, it's all about camera movement, close-ups and the over use of trying to make the capture of the scene appear to be live or documentary like by having the camera film the scene like a home movie.

THE VERDICT, directed by Sidney Lumet and cinematography by Andrezj Bartkowiak utilized so many photographic techniques, that we all continue to learn and discover, to convey the message and tell the story ( sounds like a Street Photographer / Photojournalist to me ).

Being a Street Photographer, seeing scenes that I would consider a great "street" shot added to the enjoyment.

So... "Calling All Photographers".... take a look at The Verdict.

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