Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frank J Oppenheimer

The creator of The Exploratorium, the 1st Hands On Science and Human Perception Museum.

Soft spoken but will seriously debate you over science was a kind and wonderful man.

He believed in having high school and college students (not necessarily science majors or even having an interest in science) to come in, get trained in various science and human perception topics and then turn them loose and "Explain", demonstrate and encourage the visitors to play with the exhibits.

He believed that science should be easily understood by the masses but has never been properly presented or taught.  That science and human perception is interesting, fun and important.

Frank has long since passed on but his legacy has touched thousands of former employee's - "Explainers"

By the way, Frank was not only an educator but was a world renowned physicist and is considered the  "Uncle of the Atomic Bomb".  You see, his older brother was Robert J Oppenheimer.

My final memory of Frank was seeing him walking his Black Labrador in on hand and a walking cane in the other as he observed everything around him.

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